Our Mission


We believe that a great education is one that works in partnership with its families and community to develop students to their fullest intellectual, creative, social-emotional, and physical capacities. PS 32’s mission is to provide and support challenging and rigorous educational opportunities to ensure academic excellence for all students in a safe and caring learning environment. We strive to inspire and support students to become productive, literate 21st century citizens who are lifelong learners. Students are engaged in authentic, rigorous, and engaging learning tasks, allowing them to become creative problem solvers who appreciate learning as a lifelong endeavor. It is through this work that students are able to discover their strengths, achieve their greatest success, and develop a love of learning.

Our Vision

We believe PS 32 is the hub of the community – a learning community where everyone has something to learn and something to teach. It is where students, families, and staff partner together to create an environment of discovery, exploration, and creativity.