Pre-K December News


Where We Live

             In this month’s unit of study, students will move from inquiring and thinking critically about themselves, their classmates and their family to the spaces that those people inhabit. This unit is designed to reflect the diverse places where people live in neighborhoods across New York City. Children begin this unit by investigating themselves and the people important to them by considering the questions, “Where do I live? Where do my family members live?” They will read about different kinds of homes, including apartments, houses, etc. and discuss where different members of their families live. In this unit, children develop a concept and awareness of the diversity of living environments and explore how New Yorkers live in many types of homes and buildings. This unit provides an opportunity to explore a wide variety of living environments and reiterate Pre-K for All’s commitment to including and embracing all children and families by ensuring all students feel represented in the classroom.

Building Blocks

This month students will learn more about naming the shapes they are matching. They will further develop their ability to figure out what shape someone is thinking about given clues or descriptions of the shape. Children will also extend their knowledge of number, such as learning how to represent amounts in various ways and seeing patterns in counting. A simple yet powerful pattern is plus one. Children will also learn to count to larger numbers, as well as learn more about how counting and adding are related.

Letters and Sounds

We have started to learn about the letters of the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes. In the month of November we have learned the letters B, F, and N. In December, we will focus on the letters M, C and A.

Holiday Family Fun Day

To celebrate the holiday season, we will enjoy a Family Fun Day in our classrooms on Friday, December 23rd. Families will have the opportunity to create Gingerbread houses with their child.

Suggestions For At Home

          Parents often ask how they can help their children at home.  Below is a list of some things you can do with your child at home to support their learning.

  • Name Writing
  • Counting to 5 in order
  • Counting objects to 5 and naming how many in the group
  • Alphabet letter recognition (Upper Case letter names)
  • Reading books and talking about what is happening in the book
  • Cutting –using the scissor
  • Drawing pictures and telling about their drawings
  • Reading and reciting different poems and nursery rhymes
  • Singing songs about learning activities
  • Name Recognition- being able to find their name in print
  • Talking about daily in class activities


Important Reminders

Remember to label all student items especially coats, hats, and mittens. Please update your child’s pick up information if there are any changes. If your child misses a day of school please send in a note explaining their absence when they return to school. Parent teacher conferences will be held on November 3rd. More information will come. Pre-K entrance opens at 8:00am and the door closes promptly at 8:15am. Pre-K dismissal starts at 2:00pm sharp.

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