Whats Happening

Students have the opportunity to explore different strategies for multiplication.  This will help students build meaning for the operation and it will contribute to their fluency in the operation.  They will discuss their strategies which will allow them to share their ideas and build more understanding.  The different strategies that students will learn will help them make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

“What can I do at home?”

At home, your child should practice their multiplication facts by using flashcards.  This will help them solve multi-digit multiplication problems.  Also, encourage your child to try the different strategies that they learned for multiplication.  When your child is trying to solve a math problem ask him or her to explain their thinking.

What it looks like

Below you will see kids from 217 engaged in Math.  They are working independently and in small groups.  They are trying different strategies for solving multiplication problems, such as multi[plying using the distributive property, partial product method and multiplying using the expanded form.







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