Writing Like a Scientist

What’s Happening

Students are engaged in their new writing unit, Looking Closely, observing labeling and listing like scientist. In this unit students are looking closely at items and writing exactly what they see. They are writing to teach others what they notice.

“What Can I do at Home?”

At home, have your child pick one item and have them tell you all about it. Ask them about the details of the color, size, shape, etc. to encourage informational language. Also, when writing with your child at home, help them sound out the letter sounds they hear in a word. Using an ABC chart can help your child identify the initial sound and the sounds to follow within the word.

What it Looks Like

Below you will see students from 310 engaged in whole group and independent writing. During a mini lesson on the rug, students participated in a whole group writing activity. Students started a class pattern book on leaves and added labels and a sentence to their first page. Students looked closely and wrote like scientist in a whole group and then independently. The goal of this unit is to have the students describe objects in as many ways as possible to build their oral language and writing skills.

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