Plant Diversity- How do different plants grow?

What’s Happening

Students have been studying different types of plants during science. They have been using their senses to describe and compare different plants. Recently, the students have been zooming into pumpkins and went on a trip to the Botanical Gardens to take a closer look inside! Students learned about the different parts of the pumpkin and how each part is important for the pumpkin to grow!

“What can I do at home?”

At home, ask your child what they know about plants. Encourage them to notice the different plants that may be around the neighborhood and have them explain to you how they grow and survive. Science is everywhere and there is always an opportunity to learn, even at home! For example, take a trip to the grocery store and ask your child which fruits and vegetables have seeds. This will help them retell what they have learned at the Botanical Gardens and in the classroom!

What it looks like

Below you will see kids from class 2-M6 engaged in different life cycle activities while at the Botanical Gardens. The students worked in small groups to study the inside of the pumpkin, make predictions about the pumpkins, draw sketches of many types of pumpkins and make a seed necklace to take home and watch grow. Look how excited they were to take what they learned in the classroom and see it in action at the Botanical Gardens!

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