Multiplying Our Way Through Third Grade

What’s Happening?

Students are learning to apply different strategies to help them solve multiplication facts. They are learning to use strategies such as distributive property, associative property of multiplication, skip counting, number line, bar models, equal groups, arrays and commutative property. Students will use manipulatives to help them understand the relationships between multiplication and division within 100. Students are also practicing problem solving strategies for two and three step word problems involving the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.)

“What can I do at home?”

To support your child at home, have your child identify what a word problem is asking them to do by using the CUBES strategy (Circle the numbers, Underline the question, Box key words, Eliminate unnecessary information and Solve by showing your work). Have your child study multiplication facts  0-12 daily. Remind your child to pick a strategy to help solve word problems.

What it looks like

Below you will see students from 3-407 engaged in math discussions. As a class, students participated in a mini-lesson and took the skills they learned and worked together as a partnership to solve problems. Students worked to solve a variety of problems using their newly learned strategies.

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