What’s happening

In unit 2, students are currently transferring their foundational skills into both reading and writing! Many students struggle with decoding, whether they’re reading a difficult word, or trying to spell it in their writing. Fundations has given them the tool of tapping out their sounds and putting those sounds together to read and write their words. We have seen such an improvement in the students reading and writing skills! In unit 2 students are also learning about bonus letters – f, l, s and sometimes z which can be tricky to determine when tapping out words. R-Controlled vowels will also be introduced this unit! We look forward to a fun and productive next few weeks!

“What Can I do at home”

If you notice your child struggling with decoding and encoding, have your child stop and tap out each sound they hear. They should be tapping out 1 finger for each letter, unless they come across a diagraph (wh, sh, ch, th, ck). Diagraphs are two letters that make 1 sound, so they only get tapped out once. Having your child stop to tap out a word will give you the chance to notice which letter sounds they may be struggling with. It will also give you the chance to see what sounds your child is blending when they say the word all together. Tapping out words can be tricky for students, this is why it is a daily practice in our classrooms.

What it looks like

Each day, every student gets a chance to “teach” letter sounds and diagraph sounds to their classmates. By having the students come up and “teach” the class, we are instilling both confidence and public speaking. Students are using body movement, hand motions and songs to continuously learn their sounds and put those skills together to assist their reading and writing!

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