Mystery Readers at PS32!c

What’s Happening?

Our Mystery Readers have officially started back up this school year! Mystery Readers has become a new tradition at PS32 and it’s something the students and staff always look forward to!

What it looks like!

“Mystery” teachers all throughout our school come and surprise our class with a read aloud! The mystery reader takes time to discuss the meaning and purpose behind the book of the month. After the book has been read, students and our mystery reader take time to discuss how they can implement the meaning of the book into their lives. This months book was Courage by Bernard Waber. This book gave great examples of what it means and what it looks like to have courage! The students discussed different ways they have been courageous before. Our mystery reader also instilled the importance of having courage and reinforced how even though it can be a difficult thing sometimes, it’s always important!

Why it’s so important!

Read alouds are very important, especially for young children as they help expand their vocabulary. It’s a time when children and adults can come together around a book and enjoy it together. But it is much more than simply enjoying a book. Our conversations help us build and grow our thinking! Students can be challenged in their thoughts as well as give them strategies for comprehending longer, more complex books. Read alouds also allow students to hear expression and fluency that is used to show characters voices and emotions throughout a text.

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