Kindergarten Number Talks

To help our students build number sense, fluency, accuracy and have a bank of strategies to choose from, all classes have been participating in Number Talks everyday.  In Kindergarten, an image of dots placed randomly or in a tens frame is displayed briefly.  The students then have to subitize, which means to see a small amount of objects and know how many there are without counting.  For example, rolling a 6 on a dice and knowing it is 6 without counting each dot.  It is the spontaneous recognition of how many without counting.


The students use the above chart to show their thought process and when they are ready to share their response.   Once the number is agreed upon,  the students share how they saw that number and come up to the smartboard to show how they saw it.


Above, Jaxon shows how he saw 6, by circling 2 dots at a time.  He saw 6 dots as 2, 2, and 2 more. This will eventually lead us into addition and his expression would read as 2+2+2=6.  This also paves the way for skip counting.   Other students may have seen this set of 6 dots as 4 and 2 more.

Through the continuous practice of Number Talks on a daily basis, students will gain a deeper understanding of number sense.


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