Third Grade Reading Detectives

What’s happening

Students have been reading mystery books. The skills they have acquired are essential foundational skills that can be applied in reading other types of fiction. Throughout the unit the students have learned how to read books closely in order to catch key details and predict outcomes. Mysteries provide a great way to push students to notice clues and wonder more about them.


“What can I do at home”

At home you can ask your children questions about the book they are reading. Ask them who the characters are, who are the suspects, what clues have they gathered and what prediction they are ready to make. Encourage your child to try and solve the mystery before the crime solver does!

What it looks like

Below students in 404 are engaged in Readers Workshop. As a class readers are filling their book baggies with tons of mysteries. These young reading detectives are gathering clues in their detective clue books in order to collect key information.


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