Learning About the World Through Non-Fiction Texts

What’s Happening

Our new reading unit is all about non-fictions books!  Students will push themselves to “get super smart about nonfiction topics”, learning ways to deepen their comprehension and improve their fluency while reading information books.  Students  are learning about the types of text features that non-fiction books have.  Some include; captions, headings, index, table of contents, diagrams, labels, glossary,  and photographs/illustrations.

Students will continue to support reading habits and foundational reading skills that readers have developed in the first two reading units.

What I Can Do at Home

At home while students are reading from their book baggies, have students point out the different text features that they come across when reading non-fictions books.  Ask your child questions about the book they are reading.  What did you learn from this book?

What it Looks Like?

Below the students are reading non-fiction books during Readers Workshop.  They not only learning new things from their books but they are also noticing the different text features that each non-fiction books have.  They are learning how to use the table of contents and learning more about a pictures through captions.

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