We are Super Readers!

What’s Happening

Students are engaged in their new reading unit this week, Super Readers! In this unit, students are learning and using new reading strategies in order to begin their foundation of reading! They are learning new reading powers, such as pointer power, which helps our kindergartener’s to tap each word as they read.


“What Can I do at Home?”

At home, have your child pick a favorite book that they’ve read more than once. By doing this, your child will feel like they can read this book independently because they have heard it so many times before. Encourage them to point to each word as they read the book to you. Also, encourage your child to sound out the initial and following letter sounds in words while using an alphabet chart.


What it Looks Like

Below you will see students from 308 participating in a whole group mini lesson and partner reading. During our mini lesson, our kindergartener’s practiced using their new super power, pointer power! They used their pointers as a whole class to read familiar songs and poems that they know by heart, such as our gathering song. They practiced how they touch each word that they sang, even though some words are bigger than others. We also were able to use our finger flashlights to make our pointer power even more exciting! With our finger flashlights, class 308 shared a book with a partner and used their finger flashlights to point to each word as they read a familiar book. They were so excited! The goal of this unit is to get our students excited about reading, while introducing them to new strategies that will help them become readers.

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