5-220 & 5-215.. We got the GreenBeetz!

Whats happening..

Students have begun GreenBeetz, a 10 week program, through GrowNYC, learning how to consider their relationship with food, how they make decisions about what to eat, and how the food they eat affects the way they feel. Students engage in a unique format filled with concrete lessons, cooking activities, work in the garden and culminating in a food market experience.

How you can help at home!

Your children are very interested and curious about nutritional, healthy food. Having them get involved in meal planning, grocery shopping,  read recipes, create new ones and write them down. Help them look at the nutritional labels to understand exactly what  you are eating, and decide if its healthy together. We believe this will support what they are learning . Get them into the kitchen helping you cook! Make sure they do the dishes too.

What it looks like

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