Animals and Plants in Their Environment


What’s Happening in Science?

Students are wrapping up our second unit of study, Animals and Plants in their Enviroment.  Students are learning how living things are classified, life cycles of plants and animals, adaptations that help animals and plants survive, and how living things get energy. They also have learned about different ecosystems, such as the deciduous forest, tundra, desert, and rain forest.We began the unit by discussing the types of habitats there are and what organisms need to survive.

What Can I do at Home?

At home, students can review different terminology such as carnivore, prey, decomposer, producer, herbivore, food chain, habitat, ecosystem, species, and nutrients that they have learned in the unit by making flash cards. Students can also research a new ecosystem that they are interested in a create a food chain or web related to that ecosystem.

What It Looks Like…

In 4-216 students have been very excited to review plant and animal adaptations. With Ms. Pinto, they have looked in depth at ecosystems, specifically the deciduous forest. Most recently, students created food webs/chains of their choice and shared with a partner.  They were able to explain to one another the flow of energy, as well as some of the adaptations that the animals have to help them survive in their ecosystems.


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