2-digit Addition!

What’s happening

Students are engaged in their 4th chapter of math, a unit where students are working on using place value to add 2-digit numbers, and other strategies that they can use to add 2 digit numbers. Students have been using tangible items such as lima beans to work on their addition strategies and understanding what a number represents.  By using an actual item to see a number, students are touching upon their tactile learning skills, and understanding what that number is in terms on a tangible item.   Students are able to visually see and touch what their number is, helping them deepen their understanding.

What can I do at Home

At home, you can work to strengthen your child’s understanding of 2 digit addition.  It is important as the year progresses that students work on their basic math facts. This can be done by using flashcards at home with simple addition problems, such as 3 +7 = 10, 9 + 2 = 11.   In addition, to help students work on understanding what a number represent, you can have your child count items in your home. This can be done using cereal.  For example, have your child take two piles of cereal and have them add the two piles.

What it looks like

Below you see students in room 2-303, engaged in learning about what a number represents using lima beans. Students were given a number on an index card and then asked to count out that number using lima beans. They were then asked to expand their thinking in expressing how they got that number. Did they count by 2s ? 5s 10s?.  Students were then asked to represent a second number, adding that number to their first number.

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