5th Grade DreamYard Celebrations

IMG-1419IMG-1421IMG-1425IMG-1429IMG-1446 (1)What’s happening…

Every week the fifth-grade classes are joined by a DreamYard theatre teaching artist, Mr. Kenny. During the first unit, we wrote monologues about moments in time when we felt brave.  After watching videos of actors performing monologues, and brainstorming ideas for our own writing, students began independently crafting monologues.  We spent several weeks practicing the presentation of the monologues, focusing on reading with volume, expression, and enunciation.  In this past week, the students celebrated the culmination of this project by presenting their finished project to an audience from different classes.

What you can do at home…

When your child reads from a fiction book with characters, encourage them to read the dialogue aloud and with expression. This will help students with their fluency, but also in connecting to characters’ emotions.  Additionally, for our next DreamYard project, please encourage your child to practice reading their work aloud in front of family members, and in front of the mirror.  Ask them which words sound like they need more emotion, and which words can be slowed down.

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