All About Books in Writer’s Workshop

What’s happening

Students are engaged in their third unit of study, All About Books. Students are learning how to write nonfiction books with an emphasis on informational voice and structure. Each day, students practice planning out the different chapters in their book with their writing partners. They are making sure to teach and not story tell. Soon students will start to plan out their writing using a table of contents to organize their ideas and categorize topics into focused chapters.


“What can I do at home?”

At home, ask your child questions about what they are writing about in writer’s workshop. Encourage them to tell you different topics that they are experts on! This will help them brainstorm different ideas for their All About Books. Once they have thought of a topic, ask them to give you three details about that topic. This will help them organize their ideas during Writer’s Workshop.


What it looks like

Below you will see kids from first grade engaged in a writer’s workshop share. We partnered together with our second grade friends to show off our amazing work! Throughout the unit, we worked with our writing partners, we used headings to label our chapters.

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