Kindergarten’s How-To Writing

What’s Happening

Our Kindergarten students have embarked on a new journey of writing! We have begun our “How-To” unit. This unit is special and exciting because it gives our young writers an opportunity to share their hidden talents and areas of expertise to teach others. In this unit, students will teach how to do things such as, making chocolate milk and how to tie your shoes.

Throughout the first week of this unit, we will immerse our students in whole class shared experiences. In addition, we will produce some shared writing and independent writing. As the unit progresses, students will study mentor text, to search for techniques they can use in their writing. The students will also write how-to books that can help others throughout the school day. The topics students will write about will include, packing up and how-to wash your hands.

What can you do at home?

At home, you can support this type of writing, by having students name and draw the steps of everyday things they do at home such as brushing their teeth, getting some cereal, and getting ready for school. In addition, you can have some shared experiences such as baking a cake, making a sundae, or any other one of your child’s favorite desserts. Finally, discuss and draw the steps taken with your child.

What it looks like?

Today we explored how to make chocolate milk. As a class we listed and did the steps needed to make chocolate milk. Below are some pictures and videos that highlight K-204’s class experience.

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four

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