Hands On Math: Building & Comparing Numbers!

What is Happening

In First Grade, students are learning about comparing two-digit numbers! Students are working to build their understanding of place value and number sense! Students work independently or in partners to build numbers using ten rods and ones cubes! They are also extending their knowledge of place value to help them compare two numbers together!

What Can I do at Home

At home, have your child build different two-digit numbers using lima beans, cubes, crayons or pencils! They can practice putting them into groups of ten to help them count bigger numbers faster! Once they practice building a few numbers they can work on comparing two numbers together using the vocabulary greater than, less than or equal to!

What it Looks Like

Below you will see students in 1-M2 comparing two-digit numbers with ten rods and ones cubes! After they build their number, they can compare it to their partners number!

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