How-To Make S’mores!

Whats Happening?

Students are engaged in their current How-To writing unit. They are writing to tell how-to do something in steps with details. Writers think about what they know how to do really well and teach others how-to do it.

What Can I do at Home?

At home, have your child tell you the steps to doing something they normally would do. For example, brushing their teeth or cleaning up their toys. Ask them; What is your first step? What is your next step? What is your last step? Verbally saying their how-to steps will help foster planning in their writing and communication.

What it Looks Like.

Below you will see students from 310 engaged in a whole group activity, “How-To Make Smores.” During a mini lesson on the rug, students had the opportunity to perform the how-to steps to make smores. Each student made their own yummy smore! As the students made their smore they said and followed the steps we created in our whole class “How-To Make Smores” writing. Students followed up this activity with their own independent writing of “How-To Make Smores.”

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