Reading-Nonfiction Narratives


In reading, students are focusing on reading Nonfiction Narrative texts. Students celebrated the beginning of Black History Month by reading two texts about powerful and peaceful community organizers and makers of change: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Wangari Maathai of the Green Belt Movement. After participating in interactive read alouds of each story, students worked in groups to synthesize the two texts using the skills and reading strategies they learned. Students determined important lessons and themes of each text, and closely studied the two figures to determine how their character traits and actions were similar, and ways in which they differed. Students were encouraged to go back into the text to cite evidence or supporting details to prove their claims and ideas. They completed Venn diagrams to track their ideas, and compiled their thoughts as a class on a T-chart displayed at the front of the room, so our ideas could be shared with one another.

“What can I do at home?”

As we continue to strengthen our nonfiction narrative reading skills, there are a few things you can do to support students at home. It is helpful if students are able to read more texts in the narrative nonfiction format, such as biographies. As students are reading, it is helpful for them to discuss different components of the story and characters with an adult, answering such questions as “what are some of the character traits you notice?” “What do you think the author is trying to teach the reader by writing this book?” and “what do you think this text was mostly about?” Lastly, students should be encouraged to go back to the text and find parts of the story that prove or support their ideas.

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