Learning Double Digit Numbers Through Hands On Learning Experiences!

What’s Happening?

Students are engaged in their new math unit about double digit numbers! They are learning double digit numbers by counting objects such as cubes, pennies, bears, and other items around the classroom. Then, students are organizing their objects into ten frames, writing the number they counted on a whiteboard, and then talking about their number with a table partner. They are having so much fun counting their objects, making up addition and subtraction sentences, as well as comparing and contrasting their objects with a partner!

What Can I Do At Home?

At home, have your students count any objects that you have. For example, toys, books, plates, silverware, socks, etc. We want students to feel comfortable counting up to 100, so count anything! Also get students talking about these numbers. For example, if a student counts up to 13 ask them, “How many tens do you have? How many ones?” We want students to practice using this language as they talk about double digit numbers.

What it Looks Like

Below you will see students of K-308 engaged in exploring double digit numbers. During a mini lesson, the students were shown a checklist of what to do with the objects they were going to count. We reviewed the checklist together, and then had students go back to their seats to explore on their own. As the students were counting their objects, the teachers walked around and monitored their learning. The teachers supported students as they organized their objects into ten frames, counted by tens, wrote their double digit number on their white boards, and created addition and subtraction sentences. The students were then brought to the rug for a mini lesson on a specific number. This mini lesson we focused on the number 11. We asked students, “How many tens are in 11, how many ones?” We also worked together as a class to create addition sentences and subtraction sentences with 11.


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