Looking Through a Poets Eye👀

What’s Happening

Students are currently immersed in the poetry unit! Our classes dove into this fun and interactive unit by putting on “poetry glasses” which help our eyes see ordinary objects in a different light! Some students put on their glasses and saw a cotton ball as a big puffy cloud floating through the sky. Another student saw a pair of scissors as an alligator, chomping towards its prey! Students are also reading poems and song lyrics written by poets/artists, and noticing some of the techniques these authors use to make their poems rich and engaging. Students are learning to use techniques like repetition, comparisons, personification, imagery, and rhyming. We’re super excited to continue working through this unit and have students show off their unique personalities and creativity!

“What can I do at home?”

At home you can show your children some of your favorite poems/songs. Explain to them why these poems/songs are your favorite. What sticks out to you? What meaning comes across from this poem/song? Point out words that are repeated and talk about why these words might be repeated. Why are they important words? This is a really fun unit that can easily be immersed at home!

What it looks like

Below you can see class 302 looking at every day ordinary objects through their poets eyes! They put on their poets glasses and their poetry minds take off! They give inanimate objects life by using sound words, repetition, feelings and emotions. These poets have been working very hard to explore the world through a poets eyes and can not wait to share their poetry collections at the end of this unit.

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