Kindergarteners Explore like Scientists!

What’s Happening

Our Kindergarten students have been exploring the properties of matter. They have worked on describing, categorizing, comparing and measuring observable properties of matter. Students can identify the three states of matter, describe and classify objects by size, weight and color, and use tools to explore matter.

What can you do at home?

At home you can support your junior scientist, by having them identify objects in their home that are solids, liquids, and gases. In addition, you can have them describe and sort everyday objects by size, shape, and color. Finally, have your young scientist further their exploration of why and what objects will sink and float by mimicking our experiment with everyday household objects.

What it looks like?

Our class approached our activity as Scientists. First, we gathered a group of objects, and using what we have learned about matter we predicted which objects would sink and which would float. We discussed our predictions. Next we conducted our experiment by placing objects in a container of water. We recorded and discussed our observations. Below are some pictures that highlight K-204’s class experience.

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