Measuring Length!📏

What’s Happening

Students are currently studying the measurement unit! Our classes dove into this fun and interactive unit by learning how to make an estimate. Students estimated how long their pencils, markers, and desks are. After they made an estimate, they started using 1 inch tiles to measure those objects around the classroom! They then all got a ruler, and used their 1 inch tiles to measure their ruler. The students discovered that a ruler is 12 inches, or 1 foot long. After learning how long a ruler is, and understood what an inch meant, it made it much easier for students to use their rulers to measure bigger object! Students also used 1 centimeter cubes to measure different objects in centimeters. The students discovered that centimeters are a smaller unit of measurement than inches. This was a fun discovery for students to make on their own! Throughout the unit, students will continue to make estimates, use their rulers to measure, and they will even learn how to use a yard stick! One important concept students will be learning, is how to figure out the difference in length between 2 objects! For example, “How much longer is Joey’s pencil than Jen’s crayon?”

What can I do at home?

At home please continue to encourage your child to estimate the length of different objects. Whether they’re at home, on the train, at the grocery store, anywhere! The more exposure they get to making estimates with their eyes, the more it will help them make better decisions in the future as to how long or wide something might be. One fun activity to do is to measure the height of your child! As the days/weeks go on, continue to measure your children and let them figure out how many centimeters or inches they have grown throughout the weeks (finding the difference)! You and your child may be surprised with how much and how fast they grow!😊

What it looks like

Below, you can see class 2-302 measuring every day, ordinary objects! Before they measure their objects, they record their estimates. Then they record the actual length, in both inches and centimeters. Soon, students will be figuring out the difference between their estimate and the actual length, as the unit goes on, our hope is that your child’s estimate gets closer and closer to the actual length!

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