About Us

The Belmont School, or the Castle of Learning as we are sometimes affectionately referred, is located in the Belmont section of the Bronx. We are a learning community that integrates the arts into all areas of our curriculum.

The students of PS 32 make up a diverse student population. This offers much collaboration amongst staff, students, and families. We work closely with the families of our students to bring about great learning opportunities and value the times we are able to collaborate as a school community.

P.S. 32’s Mission Statement

We believe that a great education is one that works in partnership with  its families and community to develop students to their fullest intellectual, creative, social-emotional, and physical capabilities. P.S. 32’s mission is to provide and support challenging and rigorous educational opportunities to ensure academic excellence for al students in a safe and caring environment. We do this by engaging in rigorous and challenging common core aligned curriculum guided by data,  and through research-based instructional strategies.

Extra-curricular Activities

Some notable extracurricular activities available to students at The Belmont School are intramural sports, swimming, chorus, dance, tennis, debate team, chess club, Mosaics, Guitar, and Student Government.

We also take part in the School Enrichment Model. This allows both teachers and students to explore and discover new opportunities. Teachers pick a subject they have always wanted to teach and students are given a menu of subjects to choose from. in their enrichment groups or Belmont EP students are given hands on learning opportunities…


For information on school statistics and to view our Progress Report, Quality Review Reports, and State Report Card information please visit: Our NYCDOE Website