PS 32 has a 2 and 1/2 hour daily literacy block and a 60 minute math block. We follow the balanced literacy program and are a Teachers College writing process school. We use Everyday Mathematics as our math program. We have a state of the art library that was made possible through the Robin Hood Foundation Library grant. Students are exploring, investigating, and discovering different aspects of science and the community around them.

Each class receives whole class and small group instruction. In literacy students are reading daily using a variety of texts and students are writing daily. In Social Studies students learn about their community, depending on the grade they explore their neighborhood community, the state community, or the world community.

In the upper grades students explore the the history of the United States and the different countires around the world. Many educational trips are taken throughout the year to enhance the curriculum and to allow students to witness first hand the people, places, and subjects they are studying. Throughout all curriculum areas we are integrating the arts and technology in order to support and prepare our students for the 21st century.

Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS)

Below are links to the Common Core Learning Standards, the new standards that all students are held accountable.  The CCLS help prepare students for college and career readiness.These are standards that we use to plan our instruction and set our school, grade, teacher and individual student goals.  We feel it is important that as members of the PS 32 community, you and your student know the standards and the expectations set.

In-School Programs

Afterschool Programs

  • Dance
  • Mural Painting
  • Swimming
  • Technology