2nd Grade

New York City Over Time – Social Studies

What’s happeningStudents are engaged in their second unit of study, learning about how New York City has changed over time. Students are analyzing timelines to gather information, learning about the early inhabitants of New York, learning about how the Dutch and English affected New York City, and describing how New York City and its communities… Continue reading New York City Over Time – Social Studies

5th Grade

5th Grade DreamYard Celebrations

What's happening... Every week the fifth-grade classes are joined by a DreamYard theatre teaching artist, Mr. Kenny. During the first unit, we wrote monologues about moments in time when we felt brave.  After watching videos of actors performing monologues, and brainstorming ideas for our own writing, students began independently crafting monologues.  We spent several weeks… Continue reading 5th Grade DreamYard Celebrations

2nd Grade

Writing Gripping Fictional Stories!

What’s happeningStudents are diving into their third unit of study in writing, Writing Gripping Fictional Stories. Students are beginning to create characters that will become the main characters in fictional stories. They will generate ideas for where the setting of their story is, how their characters feels, thinks, and acts, what problems they encounter, and… Continue reading Writing Gripping Fictional Stories!