Come & See Our Science Fair!

  Please join us for the P.S. 32 Science Fair on Friday, February 3, 2017 at 1:15pm! We are so excited to share all of our hard work and learning with you!

The Power of Kindness (3rd grade video production)

Students are coming up with ideas for demonstrating the power of kindness in 3-404.  Once their groups decide what to show, they are making storyboards to show relationships between people, and show the power of kindness through facial expressions on camera.  Vocabulary: Frames, Close-ups, Mid-shots, and Wide Shots.

Drawing Mr. Po Po, with Xavier (Episode 1)

Your host, Xavier from 3rd grade, is launching a new web series to teach the world how to draw.  In his first episode he demonstrates how to draw details in arms and muscles on superheros, or bad guys. In the future, Xavier will bring guests on that will teach what they know.  Stay tuned for more!…