4th Grade, Announcements

Animals and Plants in Their Environment

What’s Happening in Science? Students are wrapping up our second unit of study, Animals and Plants in their Enviroment.  Students are learning how living things are classified, life cycles of plants and animals, adaptations that help animals and plants survive, and how living things get energy. They also have learned about different ecosystems, such as the… Continue reading Animals and Plants in Their Environment

4th Grade

Reading Non-Fiction Texts

What's Happening? Students are currently reading non fiction texts and engaging in very important work building upon the abilities that are essential to become stronger researchers.  They will be synthesizing information, apply knowledge they already know to new knowledge they are gaining and summarizing what they are learning.  With this foundation they will then be… Continue reading Reading Non-Fiction Texts

4th Grade


Whats Happening Students have the opportunity to explore different strategies for multiplication.  This will help students build meaning for the operation and it will contribute to their fluency in the operation.  They will discuss their strategies which will allow them to share their ideas and build more understanding.  The different strategies that students will learn… Continue reading MULTIPLYING BY 1 DIGIT NUMBERS IN MATH