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Kindergarteners Explore like Scientists!

What's Happening Our Kindergarten students have been exploring the properties of matter. They have worked on describing, categorizing, comparing and measuring observable properties of matter. Students can identify the three states of matter, describe and classify objects by size, weight and color, and use tools to explore matter. What can you do at home? At… Continue reading Kindergarteners Explore like Scientists!

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Artifacts Tell a Story

Classes 5-220 and 215 learned all about the early civilizations of the Aztecs and Mayans during a visit to the American Museum of Natural History. Students analyzed old artifacts and visual images to identify how geography played a role in the development of early societies and civilizations. We looked at how these cultures have changed… Continue reading Artifacts Tell a Story

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Kindergarten’s How-To Writing

What's Happening Our Kindergarten students have embarked on a new journey of writing! We have begun our “How-To” unit. This unit is special and exciting because it gives our young writers an opportunity to share their hidden talents and areas of expertise to teach others. In this unit, students will teach how to do things… Continue reading Kindergarten’s How-To Writing

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5-220 & 5-215.. We got the GreenBeetz!

Whats happening.. Students have begun GreenBeetz, a 10 week program, through GrowNYC, learning how to consider their relationship with food, how they make decisions about what to eat, and how the food they eat affects the way they feel. Students engage in a unique format filled with concrete lessons, cooking activities, work in the garden… Continue reading 5-220 & 5-215.. We got the GreenBeetz!